Jobsite Steel Manufacturing, LLC is a cutting edge light gauge metal roll former and fabricator of metal studs and wall panels.  Conceptualized in 2011, Jobsite Steel spent almost two years in aggressive research and development of its methods before launching products on the market in December of 2012.  Since then, Jobsite Steel has created many jobs within its own facilities while providing work for its installation partners.  The installer base of Jobsite Steel products has grown from regional coverage throughout the Southeast, to a full national footprint, partnering with some of the most elite contractors in the industry.

 Jobsite Steel began in 2011 in an 8,000 square foot warehouse owned by a construction firm in Knoxville, TN.  From an initial concept, into a two-man operation combining commercial construction expertise with manufacturing and equipment acumen, the initial concept work was realized.  Revolutionizing the way that light gauge construction was performed has been a core principle guiding the growth of Jobsite Steel.  Throughout 2012, Jobsite Steel developed the first wave of equipment and processes that would ultimately drive the product launch by the end of that year.

Jobsite Steel quickly grew from small beginnings into a company serving the entire southeast region.  From there, a national footprint emerged.  The core belief that “We Create Opportunity” has driven the growth.   Jobsite Steel creates opportunity by creating jobs in the challenging field of American manufacturing.  For the customers, Jobsite Steel creates opportunity in the form of shorter schedules and quicker occupancy.

 To date, Jobsite Steel has supplied products to over 200 jobsites throughout the country.  While specializing in the market segments of hospitality, student housing, and assisted living facilities, Jobsite Steel products have also been successfully utilized in the market segments of education, military, retail, medical, professional, and religious.  Jobsite Steel products have been used on Federal projects with the most stringent specification requirements, including projects for Oak Ridge National Lab and the Tennessee Valley Authority.