Kit Framing

 JSM kit framing attacks a project’s schedule and budget by targeting the inefficiencies inherent in traditional framing methods.  JSM combines its unique roll forming equipment and approach to manufacturing with an experienced and relentless approach to preconstruction to produce solutions that really work, saving time and money for clients.

 What is the drawback of  traditional framing?

The framing contractor is a pivotal member of most projects’ critical paths.  Mistakes or slow pace at this stage of construction have rippling effects for the balance of the project.  Lack of coordination or information at this stage of construction not only effects the schedule, but often results in the generation of costly and time-consuming change orders.  In order to recover time lost, the option normally available to the contractor is to throw larger and larger crew sizes at the project.  The same mistakes and lack of coordination repeat themselves, but on a larger scale, and the project limps to the finish.

Why is coordination the critical missing element?

Correctly framing a project to accurately provide the intent of the designers while accommodating the needs of all the other subcontractors needing to place work within the walls generates more RFIs (Requests for Information) back through the general contractor and designers than any other stage of construction.  The problems are normally discovered in real time, slowing the pace of the project while creating disruptive, urgent requests for solutions.

The mechanical, plumbing, and electrical drawings for items of work that must be placed in or pass through the framing are often developed by different companies from the architectural design team and the structural engineer.  This often leads to coordination problems in the field between trades.

Lack of coordination costs real time while the project team waits on answers, and it often results in change orders when the solutions presented cause the subcontractors to add more labor and material than originally estimated.  Change orders can average 5%-10% of the total project budget.   JSM’s coordinated preconstruction methods, specialized roll forming equipment, and dedicated approach to solving problems early provide a solution that saves time and money.

What is JSM Kit Framing?

A JSM framing kit shows up to the project as a pre-cut, marked, and tested bundle of materials custom-solved and custom-manufactured for the specific units in which the materials will be installed.  Each kit is surgically produced to provide the exact solution required for the project, and is the result of relentless preconstruction efforts and testing that take place offsite months before the framing contractor needs to be on the project.

Dimensional Solutions

JSM solves dimensional conflicts months before they would have otherwise been discovered onsite by the framing contractor.  By utilizing full size mock-ups of units on a project, JSM refines the framing kits to a final result that can allow the framer to install the framing without mistakes in a fraction of the time.

Material Savings

JSM’s specialized roll forming equipment allows it to provide exactly the materials needed with zero waste.  The JSM project managers, veteran framers themselves, tweak the wall framing members to end up with precisely the number of studs and track required to frame the project correctly.

Framing Intelligence

The secret sauce for JSM kit framing is the ability to translate preconstruction efforts and the knowledge of our framing experts directly onto the parts themselves.  Dimpling and printing technologies show exactly where the parts need to be in the wall, eliminating costly layout mistakes.

Full-size Mockup Coordination:

Designers, Other Trades, and Owners

Drawings communicate intent, but JSM takes a hands-on approach to preconstruction and planning.  Full size units are constructed weeks or months before needed onsite, and further coordination with other trades, the designers, and the owners takes place with multiple walk-throughs. Everyone knows what to expect once the framing begins.

Framing Rehearsal

JSM further capitalizes on the full mock up to provide offsite training and skill qualification for its partner framing contractors that will be installing the kits.  Only framers that pass the qualification for time and quality are deployed to the site.  By perfecting techniques and working out last minute kinks in the mock up, JSM framing partners show up at the site as prepared as possible.

Onsite Solutions: Custom for Speedy Changes

When the site conditions allow, JSM is capable of moving an entire roll forming assembly plant to the site and producing kit framing and other parts onsite, eliminating freight to site costs, and cutting response time for new materials due to changes down to a single day.   JSM guarantees that its SFIA code compliance certification for its materials can be maintained in these environments, and welcomes frequent visits from project designers, engineers, and the owner.

By utilizing state of the art manufacturing techniques and equipment, JSM actually becomes a factory on site.  There simply is no faster or less wasteful solution to supporting a project’s schedule. Geography and freight are no longer limiting factors for logistics and budget. Proximity is key to time and money savings.

JSM specializes in speed, solutions, and success in the light gauge framing industry.  Through extensive field experience, and a relentless approach to preconstruction, JSM solves problems months before they would otherwise be known.  Through coordination with other trades and framer training on project specific applications, JSM ensures framers arrive to the project as knowledgeable, skilled, and efficient as possible.  With its cutting-edge specialized roll forming equipment, JSM can produce products cost-effectively and with unparalleled precision.