Marriott Moxy is Taking Shape in Downtown Chicago

Metropolitan cities are a construction project’s worst nightmare.  Zero lot lines, streets that need to be closed or rerouted, resulting in angry commuters, and the overall headache of being in the center of the flurry of activity, would send even the most experienced running for “greener pastures.” 

For powerhouses like Pepper Construction and Denk & Roche Builders, the challenge was accepted, and Jobsite Steel Manufacturing was thrilled to partner with these two companies. The Marriott Moxy Hotel, located on North La Salle Drive in downtown Chicago, will rise to 8 stories upon completion with 48,000 square feet of room and commons areas. Because our light gauge panelized walls are prefabricated in our plant in Tennessee, there are no unnecessary materials on the jobsite, taking up room that doesn’t exist. After all, this is downtown Chicago.  The speed of erection that is trademark of our panelization system, will ensure that doors are open on schedule, ( if not before).  Big city construction, with all its challenges, is no match for Jobsite Steel – we are revolutionizing the way that light gauge construction is performed.