Why Jobsite Steel? What’s the difference?

 Welding Processes

Many panelizers provide welded panels, but JSM takes light gauge welding to a new level.  Fabrication welding is not outsourced at JSM.  Our welders are all full-time employees of JSM. Each welder is qualified and certified by AWS inspectors across seven welding processes.

JSM incorporates cutting edge robotic welding in parts of its process, increasing speed and predictability.

Our manufacturing plant has onsite welding practice stations and a weld-break

station.  Our welders are trained and improve their skills on site.  A dedicated practice area exists in plant, and a break vise is on site to test and examine weld quality. JSM takes special care to insure the respiratory safety of all of its welders through air quality experiments and employing the use of low emission welding materials.

Preconstruction Expertise

Panelization is only successful when a detailed preconstruction plan is created and implemented.    JSM’s powerful preconstruction processes incorporate elements of the visual workplace, color-coordinated drawing packages, and a painstaking approach to loading and sequencing to ensure the jobsite receives exactly what it needs, at the time it needs it, and in the most logically sequenced order.

Design Assist (that really assists)

If you’re considering panelization for your next project, rest assured you don’t have to fit in our box for our panels to work on your job.  We detail to your needs.  Our extensive field experience allows JSM to suggest multiple strategies including various mixes of panels, structural steel, conventional stick framing, and even masonry to achieve your structural needs.  We are here to help you, not to define how you have to design.

Don’t like our suggested floor system?  We have others.  Our panelized system works well with a variety of floor strategies.  There are no expensive proprietary floors to commit to when working with Jobsite steel.  From composite decking, to joist/deck, floor trusses, Ecospan, conventional bar joists, or in some cases, even hollow plank flooring, the JSM process and technology allows for variation in floor systems. It’s called design assist.  We’re here to help, not tell you what you have to do to work with us.

Engineering Relationships 

We partner with best in class, light gauge engineering specialists.  Our team can perform as the EoR, building engineer, specialty engineer, or in a variety of custom roles.  JSM limits its work to an elite set of engineers that understand our mantra of the jobsite needs come first.  Designs have to make sense for an installer and our fabrication plant, and not only because the calculation worked on paper.  Our ability to react as a team to jobsite problems is second to none.  With combined construction field experience of over 100 years, the JSM leadership team understands what it takes to fix problems when they arise, and can almost always make repairs from readily available materials on site.  There is no waiting for replacement panels.  Because we approach manufacturing with the jobsite in mind, there is a keen awareness with every decision to the critical nature of down time in a schedule.